Mitr, which means 'friend' in Hindi, exactly symbolizes the role of Mitr Clinics, which are a friend of the transgender community. Mitr Clinics help and solve the needs and issues of transgender population by engaging in conversations and activities built on empathy and friendship.

We understand your world

At Mitr Clinics, all the staff including doctors, counsellors and outreach workers are from the transgender community.

Mitr Clinic provides care through a wide range of services such as general health treatment, guidance and medication on hormone therapy and gender affirmation procedures; mental health counseling; HIV/STI counseling, prevention and treatment services; legal aid, and social protection services.

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Health & HIV

  • General Health (NCDs)
  • HIV/STI counselling & screening
  • HIV/STI treatment (same-day/rapid ART initiation)
  • PrEP
  • Treatment adherence, Viral load suppression
  • Peer-based psychosocial support
  • ARVs
  • Mental health support
  • Vaccination for Hep A, B and HPV
  • Chronic and acute ailments
Gender Affirmation

Gender Affirmation

  • Counselling on HRT
  • Medication & management of HRT
  • Guidance & support related to gender affirmation surgeries
  • Gender dysphoria screening, counselling & documentation
  • Lab screenings for HRT
  • Aesthetic surgeries (breast implants, vaginoplasty)
  • Facial Feminisation
Legal & Social Protection

Legal & Social Protection

  • Legal gender recognition documentation
  • Linking with various Govt socioeconomic empowerment schemes (banking, insurance, pension, housing, employment & education)
  • Referrals for de-addiction services and alcohol dependency
  • Screening and referrals for GBV cases
  • Education, Food & Livelihood support (NGOs, Govt & Pvt)

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Feel free to talk to us

We understand your world and care for you. Talk to our peer counsellors and professionals from within the transgender community to discuss your issues without inhibition and in complete privacy.

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